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Let's make it simple with centralised TV and WiFi system!

Today we visited our client from Rush. He asked us to improve WiFi coverage, connect old Sky HD box with a new antenna, TV wall mounting and cable tidying.

In response, we presented the following project:

-Sky Dish ZONE 1 installation with quad LNB and 1 year warranty

-installation of FORTIS cabinet with Patch Panel 24 Port STP Shielded

-Sky HD distribution over HD modulator for 2 rooms with remote control (works with SKY Q-available with 4K quality)

-installation of TP-Link EAP230wall WiFi access points over 5 port PoE switch

-installation of SANUS TV brackets

With this set up we've got WiFi system on a single WAN configuration and memorable password to save you hassle with connectivity to new devices. Small "magic eye's" are installed to the bottom of TV screen to receive signal from remote control.

This system can be upgraded with more 4K/HD receivers which would appear as additional channels on your TV. Just like Soarview! It can also be upgraded with more WiFi access points in case of black spots. For more information about our services book free survey or WhatsApp me on 0851910762/Karol

Don't hesitate, just ask ☺️

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