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large TV on full motion bracket installation,trunking, 2 HDMI cable, single brush socket

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Next happy customer 🥰🥰

Today we visited our client in the Tallagh area. This lady was interested in installing a TV on a movable bracket so that she could sometimes watch from the kitchen. It’s hard to keep eyes off the TV during our favourite show especially when we're working in the kitchen 🙈.

Together with our client, we agreed that the best place to hide Virgin Media tv box, WiFi box and Nintendo will be the shelf on which they were earlier with the difference - this time all cables between the TV and the cabinet are hidden! For this we needed 2x 5m HDMI, a few meters of a plastic trunking and a single brush socket (we might as well have hidden these cables behind a plasterboard and it would only cost about 100€ more but not everyone is bothered by a protruding trunking). We also created a double power socket right behind the TV. Our employee dealt with it in 2h).

Thank you for your cooperation! 📺😁

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